The Avengers
Recording The Avengers at Sonovision
Studios in South Africa.
Donald Monat
And Diane Appleby
On Monday 6th December 1971 at 7:16pm, Sonovision's The
Avengers made its radio debut in South Africa. The Avengers
very quickly became a hit show. Its stars, Diane Appleby and
Donald Monat, soon found themselves very much the center
of attention, proving to be very popular in their roles. In South
Africa at this time there was not a major television network set
up. What they had was radio. While we watched John Steed
and Emma Peel they only heard them. Hugh Rouse was
narrator on this radio version. There is little information that
could help form a broadcast order. I found this series by
accident. If you were a fan of the TV show you may enjoy this
also. Each episode is  about fifteen minutes long.
Hugh Rouse
I will always remember when I was first
introduced to John Stead and Emma Peel.
They brought something to the television,
a cross between an English gentleman and
a modern woman. They were and still are
the best Avenger mix ever.

Thank you
Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg.
List Of Shows
Michael Mayer, Diane Appleby and June
Dixon record an early episode of
The Avengers.
The Avengers was not a household name in South Africa prior to the radio series. With
no national television service until 1976, thy were unable to show television
programmes to mass audiences. While many other countries loved the filmed
adventures of John Steed and co., South Africa was not equipped to join in the fun. The
Avengers was able to gain a modicum of exposure in South Africa through film rentals.
Most South African suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s had rental libraries, which offered
16mm film prints of films and television series for public hire. Many homes were
equipped with 16mm cine projectors, and film hire was effectively the only way in which
South Africans could see British and American TV programmes. This was not always an
ideal system, however, as film prints could often be seriously damaged by projection
breakdowns or misuse. Prints reputedly had an average life of no more than two years,
and none of these prints are thought to exist today.
The Avengers aired in a prime-time slot on one of South Africa's most popular commercial channels, Springbok
Radio. Each Monday to Friday evening, listeners were able to tune in to The Avengers between 7.15 and 7.30pm
on the station's evening frequencies - 4945kHz and 6195kHz.
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The Avengers
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