About Us:

I grew up in the military. My father was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I was between the ages of 9 and 10 years old. When
everybody was supposed to be in bed, I would be under my covers listening to my transistor radio. I would have the single (mono)
earphone in my ear trying to tune in my favorite radio station, WLS out of Chicago. This was around 1965 and AM (not FM) was king.
The only problem was you could only tune WLS at night. They would always play the latest and greatest rock -n- roll  long before
anybody else.

So there I was one night trying to tune in WLS when it happened. I have never been the same. It was a radio drama. Alone, under the
covers, in the dark the drama began to unfold. I started using my mind's eye. I started smelling smells that were not there. Seeing sights
that were not around. Feeling things both emotional and physical that I could not touch. I started using my imagination in a way that was
foreign to me. After that, at night, I would try to find a station that played Old Time Radio (it wasn't called that then).

The years came and went. I met Sheila (my wife) and we got married in 1975. I would every now and then find a show on the radio for
her to listen to. Like me, she feel in love with them. In 1977 she gave birth to our oldest son, Jeremy and 1978 our next and last child,
a son, Joshua. We spent the next 18 to 20 years trying to turn them into young men. And we are very proud and happy with the way
they turned out.

Around 1995 someone at work talked me into getting a computer. We bought a used one and started on the road to the Internet. Many
years later, and a couple of computers, we have a pretty good collection of Old Time Radio shows.

Neither one of us are TV people. We do not have cable or satellite television. We like to read or play board games. And of course
listen to radio shows.

Remember, imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

John & Sheila Peterson
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