Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator is one of the few detective radio series that
had separate versions of it broadcast from both coasts. Even the spelling changed
over the years. It was first "Barry Crane" and then "Barrie Craig". NBC produced
it in New York from 1951to 1954 and then  moved it to Hollywood where it aired
from 1954 to 1955. Ralph Bell portrayed his associate, Lt. Travis Rogers. Craig's
office was on Madison Avenue and his adventures were fairly standard PI fare.
He worked alone, solved cases efficiently, and feared no man.

William Gargan brought an air of authenticity to his roles as a private detective.
His father was a bookmaker. William Gargan learned a lot about the gambling
world and met a lot of interesting characters. He was so convincing
because he
was probably the only actor at this time who had actually been a private detective.
He first worked as a credit investigator and collection agent for a clothing firm.
William Gargan was shot at when he attempted to get a deadbeat customer to pay
his overdue account. Next, he worked for about a year as a private detective with
a New York agency for "$10.00 a day and expenses. " William Gargan did many
of the usual detective jobs: guarding payrolls, tailing possible suspects, conducting
stakeouts, and protecting clients with valuables.  He was fired when he lost track of
a diamond salesman he was supposed to be protecting. Barry Craig was directed
by Himan Brown. William Gargan was stricken by cancer of the larynx. In 1960
his voice box was removed in surgery, ending his career. He learned esophageal
speech and then taught this method for the American Cancer Society. The same
group enlisted him as an anti-smoking campaigner.
Barry Craig
Confidential Investigator
List Of Shows
Barry Craig 51-10-17 The Judge And The Champ
Barry Craig 51-10-24 Case Of The Protection Racket
Barry Craig 51-10-31 Corpse On Delivery
Barry Craig 51-11-07 Case of the Borrowed Knife
Barry Craig 51-11-14 Dead On Arrival
Barry Craig 51-11-21 Murder In Wax
Barry Craig 51-11-28 Case Of The Naughty Necklace
Barry Craig 51-12-05 Paper Bullet
Barry Craig 51-12-12 Death And The Purple Cow
Barry Craig 51-12-19 Ghost Of A Chance
Barry Craig 51-12-26 Song Of Death
Barry Craig 52-01-02 Death Of A Private Eye
Barry Craig 52-01-09 Murder Island
Barry Craig 52-01-16 Murie ls Murder Case
Barry Craig 52-01-23 Boxer Doyles Belt
Barry Craig 52-01-30 The Puppet
Barry Craig 52-02-06 Claw Killer of Seneca (Ending Cut)
Barry Craig 52-02-13 Cupie Doll
Barry Craig 52-02-20 The Motive For Murder
Barry Craig 52-10-08 Julius And Cleo
Barry Craig 52-10-15 Dead Loss
Barry Craig 53-01-04 Crimson Queen (Ending Cut)
Barry Craig 53-02-15 The Redhead (Ending Cut)
Barry Craig 53-03-08 The Impostor
Barry Craig 53-05-03 Walking The Dog
Barry Craig 53-06-14 Case Of Lost Lila Thorne
Barry Craig 53-08-09 The Thirteenth Guest
Barry Craig 53-09-22 The Late Sam Jenkins
Barry Craig 53-10-03 Alias Clark Smith
Barry Craig 53-11-03 The Five Fire Mystery
Barry Craig 54 02-02 Weekend At Stowe
Barry Craig 54-03-30 Echo Corners
Barry Craig 54-04-06 Johnny Phoenix
Barry Craig 54-05-11 Search For Mrs. Peterson
Barry Craig 54-07-06 The Tough Guy
Barry Craig 54-07-13 Murder by Error
Barry Craig 54-07-27 Death Buys A Bedroom
Barry Craig 54-08-03 For Love of Murder
Barry Craig 54-08-17 Mid Summer Lunacy
Barry Craig 54-08-24 Blood Money
Barry Craig 54-08-31 Hay is for Homicide
Barry Craig 54-09-07 Ghosts Don't Die in Bed
Barry Craig 54-09-21 The Kendall Case
Barry Craig 54-11-07 Case of The Barbershop
Barry Craig 54-11-21 Moe and Larry
(Beginning Cut)
Barry Craig 54-12-19 Bull Fiddle
Barry Craig 55-01-05 Rich Richie
Barry Craig 55-02-09 Missing Hotel Room
Barry Craig 55-03-02 Barberi Collection
Barry Craig 55-03-09 Corpse on the Town
Barry Craig 55-03-30 The Mummy's Sister
Barry Craig 55-05-12 The Unsolvable Murder
Barry Craig 55-06-09 The Big Fix
Barry Craig 55-06-23 Tennis Anyone
Barry Craig 55-12-05 Prize Winning Manuscript
Barry Craig The Spenser Heir
Ralph Bell
William Gargan