Slate (Humphrey Bogart) and
Sailor (Lauren Bacall) cruise the
Caribbean aboard the Bold Venture.
The great Humphrey Bogart and the beautiful
Lauren Bacall together again.
Frederic W. Ziv Company syndicated 78 episodes. Other sources claim that the
78 episodes include reruns, and that there were only around 30 episodes. Heard
on 423 stations, the 30-minute series earned $4000 weekly for Humphrey Bogart
and Lauren Bacall.
List Of Shows
Go To Bold Venture
01 Deadly Merchandise
02 Kuan Yin Statue
03 Opium Smugglers and Young Girl
04 Johnny Rice Story
05 Treasure on Flamingo Cay
06 He Who Laughs Last
07 Espionage and Murder in San Toma
08 A Muncie Murderess in Havana
09 Fake American Passport
10 Sailor Framed for Murder
11 The Blue Moon
12 The Tears of Siva
13 A Half Million Reasons to Find Gary
14 The High Price of Treason
15 Russian Roulette
16 The Mystery of the Mary K
17 Death at The Wedding
18 A Twelve Year Promise
19 Voodoo Vendetta
20 The Search for Tommy Reed
21 Sunken Treasure at 20 Fathoms
22 The Ghost Ship
23 Jenny Ward Slates Old Flame
24 Terminal Key
25 Out of Control
26 Black Tie Affair
27 Murder in the Yucatan Peninsula
28 Slate Shannon Sucker
29 Slate Shannon Held for Ransom
30 Camellias and a Ruby
31 Passage for Mario Carada
32 Darby and Joan Incorporated
33 Mutineers of the SS Marino Victory
34 Bold Venture Stolen
35 Slates Stolen DaVinci
36 Paolo Framed for Jewel Robbery
37 Cruise To Batabano
38 Slates Stolen Identity
39 Tabard of Pizarro
40 Escape From Guantanamo
41 Crazy Old Carlo
42 Innocence in Trujillo
43 An Invitation to Death
44 Background Shots Can Kill You
45 Revenge Equals Murder Times Two
46 A Backstabbing at Shannon's Place
47 I'm Going To Die
48 The One That Got Away
49 Man From Sumatra
50 The Big KO
51 El Indio
52 Diamond Fencing and Fisticuffs
53 Revenge is Sweet
54 Havens Venezuelan Isle
55 With Friends Like These
56 Marriage and Murder
60 Seor Rufio
I have never been able to find any information for this single episode of
Bogart Presents.

Bogart Presents 45-09-17 Dead Man (Audition)