Is It Just Me

I was looking through the Internet for pictures of our American Flag
and came across the two on the other page.

The reason I am writing this is because of some of the other pictures I saw made me sick.

They also brought me to a point of wishing I had one chance to hurt them
as they were hurting MY flag.

It was bad enough seeing people burn this flag.
Then I came across someone crapping on a burning flag.

And what really got me was these were American citizens
doing this.

Is it just me or is there something wrong here?

People were standing around laughing and taking pictures.
They were doing nothing to stop this.

We are a group of people with too many freedoms and little accountability.

These people need to be taken to any third world country and dropped off.
They would not last one day.

As for people in this country from another country legal or illegal, those who do this, they should be
jailed, deported and branded as a threat to our country and never be given a passport here again.

I am not against Immigration.

I am against people that do not understand that the flag they are burning
is the flag that gives them the right to burn it.

ONLY in this country can a person do this without being put in jail.
In some places they would be beaten and killed.

We have turned into a country of cry babies that think they have the right to do what they want,
without being held accountable.

I know that America has its problems but that is not the way to handle them.

This is my America.

This is my country.

This is my home.
John E. Peterson
An American Patriot
People of every color, race, religious back ground and from all
around the world have fought, and many have died, so you can
have the freedom to say and, in some cases, do as you choose.

We better hope and pray that this America does not take it for
granted because you may one day wake up to an America
without those freedoms.

And if that happens you will be crying for the very people you
curse to save you from what you have created.
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