Entering The Mind's Eye Mission Statement:

This website is about prying yourself away from that device that is sucking away your brain cells. In it's
defense there are some shows
and movies that are worth your time and imagination. But they are far and few in between.

Unlike books
, radio shows or a movie with a plot most TV shows and TV movies take little or no imagination.
Every thing is laid out for you. That is why we are sharing
these shows to you for free.

We want you to stop, turn off the TV, close your eyes and let you mind's eye take over.

Use your imagination. Don't be scared. It may hurt at first but you will get use to it. And we bet after a while
you will even start to like it. You only have one mind. Take care of it. Feed it and it will grow.

Remember, imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

John and Sheila Peterson
List Of Shows