While producing films for Columbia Pictures, CBS offered Lucy a Radio show based upon the book, Mr. and Mrs. Cugat by Isabelle Scott
Rorick. Lucy was interested, and she was soon teamed with Richard Denning in My Favorite Husband. This half-hour weekly show
revolved around the travails of Liz and George Cugat, a very normal, middle-class couple from Minneapolis. Liz is a dizzy, scheming wife
who gets into relatively minor but vexing scrapes that makes life challenging for her long-suffering husband, a banker played by Richard
Denning. Gale Gordon was the bank president, the same role that was to be his on The Lucy Show. After a few early episodes, confusion
with band leader Xavier Cugat prompted a name change to Liz and George Cooper. The cheerful couple lived at 321 Bundy Drive in the
fictitious city of Sheridan Falls and were billed as "two people who live together and like it."

Her writers for the show were Madelyn Pugh and Bob Carroll Jr. and the producer-director was Jess Oppenheimer, a connection that
would become particularly fruitful in the years to come. In addition to taking charge, Jess Oppenheimer gradually began to revamp the
program. He also reworked Lucy's role into a daffier, broader character, much closer to the Lucy Ricardo who would soon appear on
television. The show was performed in front of a live studio audience, not just actors in front of microphones reading their lines. The
performers were in costume as well and it was much like theater. It provided Lucy with her first regular gig that involved feedback from a
live audience. She found the experience exhilarating as did the audience. Something magical happened when Lucille began to work in front
of them and she began hitting performance levels that were missing from any of her previous film work. She absolutely bloomed in front
of an audience. With that, one of the greatest sitcoms of all time had been formed. The program aired 124 episodes from 1948 through

The main sponsor was Jell-O, and an average of three "plugs" for Jell-O were made in each episode, including Lucille Ball's usual sign-on,
"Jell-O, everybody!"

The world will never be without Lucy. She was not merely an actress or a comedian. She was "Lucy" and she was loved.
My Favorite Husband
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Scriptwriters BobCarroll Jr., Madelyn Pugh and Producer Jess Oppenheimer
Two people who live together, and like it.
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Liz Cooper was played by Lucille Ball.
George Cooper was played by Richard Denning. Liz's husband, works for Mr. Atterbury
Mr. Rudolph Atterbury was played by Gale Gordon.
Mrs. Iris Atterbury was played by Bea Benaderet wife of Rudolph.
Katy was played by Ruth Perrott, the Cooper's maid.
Mrs. Leticia Coope was played first by Bea Benaderet and in subsequent episodes by
Eleanor Audley.
Lucille Ball
Richard Denning