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Campbell Playhouse
Lady Esther Presents Orson Welles
Mercury Summer Theater
The series didn't end on Dec. 4. At the conclusion of the Nov. 6  show, Mr. Welles announced
that the Campbell's Soup Company would  become sponsor. The series changed its name to The
Campbell  Playhouse and moved from Sunday to Friday. On December 9, 1938,  the first show of
the new series aired on Friday at 8:00 PM.

The same creative staff stayed on, but the show had a different flavor under sponsorship. This
was partially due to a guest star policy which relegated the Mercury Players to supporting roles.
There was a growing schism between Welles, still reaping the rewards of his Halloween night
notoriety, and Houseman, who became more like an employee than a partner. The primary writer,
as during when they did not have a sponsore, was Howard Koch.
38-12-09 Rebecca
38-12-23 A Christmas Carol
39-01-06 Counselor At Law
39-01-13 Mutiny on the Bounty
39-01-27 I Lost My Girlish Laughter
39-02-03 Arrowsmith
39-02-10 The Green Goddess
39-03-10 The Glass Key
39-03-17 Beau Geste
39-03-24 20Th Century
39-03-31 Showboat
39-04-14 The Patriot
39-04-21 Private Lives
39-05-05 Ordeal at Wickford Point
39-05-12 Our Town
39-05-19 Bad Man
39-05-26 American Cavalcade
39-06-02 Victoria Regina
39-09-10 Peter Ibertson
39-09-17 Ah, Wilderness
39-09-24 What Every Woman Knows
39-10-0 The Count of Monte Cristo
39-10-08 Algiers
39-10-15 Escape
39-10-22 Liliam
39-10-29 Magnificent Ambersons
39-11-05 Hurricane
39-11-12 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
39-11-19 Garden of Allah
39-11-26 Dodsworth
39-12-03 Lost Horizon
39-12-10 Vanessa
39-12-17 There's Always a Woman
39-12-24 A Christmas Carol
40-01-07 Vanity Fair
40-01-14 Theadora Goes Wild
40-01-21 The Citadel
40-01-28 It Happened One Night
40-02-04 Broom Stages
40-02-11 Mr Deeds Goes to Town
40-02-18 Dinner at Eight
40-02-25 Only Angels Have Wings
40-03-03 Rabble in Arms
40-03-10 Craig's Wife
40-03-17 Huckleberry Finn
40-03-24 June Moon
40-03-31 Jane Eyre
Campbell Playhouse
Mercury Summer Theater
46-06-07 Around The World In Eighty
46-06-14 The Count Of Monte Cristo
46-06-21The Hitchhiker
46-06-28 Jane Eyre
46-07-05 A Passenger To Bali
46-07-12 The Search For Henri Lefevre
46-07-19 Life With Adam
46-07-26 The Moat Farm Murder
46-08-02 The Golden Honeymoon
46-08-11 Hell On Ice
46-08-16 Abednego, The Slave
46-08-23 Two Stories
46-08-30 Moby Dick
46-09-06 The Apple Tree
46-09-13 King Lear
List Of Shows
On June 7, 1946, The Mercury Theater made one last appearance on  radio. This was for a Summer series. These shows were
only 30 minutes long. A total  of 15 shows were broadcast.
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Mercury Theater
Mercury Theater - Lady Esther Presents Orson Welles
Rita Hayworth
Joseph Cotten
Ginger Rogers
Lucille Fletcher
Author of The Hitch-Hiker
41-09-15 (01) Shredni Vashtar
41-09-29 (03) The Interlopers-The Song of Solomon-I'm a fool
41-10-06 (04) The Black Pearl-Anabel Lee
41-10-13 (05) If in Years to Come-Poetry Used in Drama
41-11-03 (07) Wild Oranges
41-12-01 (11) Wilber Brown, Habitat Brooklyn-Something's Going to Happen to Henry
41-12-22 (13) The Happy Prince
42-01-12 (16) The Apple Tree
42-01-19 (17) My Little Boy