Get this and get it straight. Crime is a sucker's road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave.
Dick Powell, on the Lux Radio Theater on June 11, 1945, first played Phillip Marlowe on the radio. This was a radio adaptation of the 1944
movie, from RKO, in which Dick Powell played the lead.
Two years later, Van Heflin starred as Phillip Marlowe in a summer replacement series for the Bob Hope Show on NBC.  Show last for 13 shows.
On September 26, 1948, Gerald Mohr became the third radio Phillip Marlowe, this time on CBS.  It remained a CBS show through its last show
in1951. In The April 11, 1950 show, "The Anniversary Gift", William Conrad substituted for Mr. Mohr, becoming the fourth person to play the
detective. This series was produced and directed by Norman Macdonnell. It was loosely based on a character created by Raymond Chandler.
The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe
The BBC Saturday Night Theater
Presents Philip Marlowe
In September 26, 1977 BBC Saturday Night
Theatre brought Phillip Marlowe back to the
radio. The BBC productions were adaptation
of the Raymond Chandler novels. A total of
six novels were adapted by Bill Morrison and
produced by John Tydeman.  At the time of
production, the rights to "Farewell, My
Lovely" were not available due to the 1975
film version, starring Robert Mitchum.  Only
the other five were produced, in the order the
original books were published. Ten years
later, "Farewell, My Lovely" was produced,
again with John Tydeman as producer and
adapted by Bill Morrison. Phillip Marlowe
was played by Ed Bishop.
1  "The Big Sleep"                
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
2  "The High Window"        
Part 1
Part 2
3  "The Lady In The Lake"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
4  "The Little Sister"             
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
5  "The Long Goodbye"       
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
6  "Farewell My Lovely"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Monday September 26, 1977

Monday October 17, 1977

Monday November 07, 1977

Monday December 05, 1977

Monday January 16, 1978

Monday September 23, 1988
List Of Shows
Note: There is some language and  mature content.
About a PG rating.
47-06-12 Who Shot Waldo
47-06-17 The Red Wind
47-07-08 The King In Yellow
47-08-05 Trouble Is My Business
48-09-26 Red Wind
48-10-03 The Persian Slippers
48-10-10 The Panama Hat
48-10-17 Where There's A Will
48-10-24 The Heart Of Gold
48-11-28 Hard Way Out
48-12-26 Old Acquaintance
49-01-08 Restless Day
49-01-15 The Black Halo
49-01-22 The Orange Dog
49-01-29 The Easy Mark
49-02-05 The Long Rope
49-02-12 Lonesome Reunion
49-03-05 Friend From Detroit
49-03-12 The Grim Hunters
49-03-19 The Dancing Hands
49-03-26 The Green Flame
49-04-02 The Last Laugh
49-04-09 A Name To Remember
49-04-16 Heat Wave
49-04-23 The Cloak Of Kamahameha
49-04-30 Lady In Mink
49-05-07 The Feminine Touch
49-05-14 The Promise To Pay
49-05-21 Night Tide
49-05-28 The Ebony Link
49-06-04 The Unfair Lady
49-06-11 The Pigeons Blood
49-06-18 The Busy Body
49-06-25 The Key Man
49-07-02 Dude From Manhattan
49-07-16 The Headless Peacock
49-07-30 Mexican Boat Ride
49-08-06 The August Lion
49-08-13 The Indian Giver
49-08-20 The Lady Killer
49-08-27 The Eager Witness
49-09-03 The Bums Rush
49-09-10 Rustin Hickory
49-09-17 Baton Sinister
49-09-24 The Fatted Calf
49-10-01 Tale Of The Mermaid
49-10-08 The Open Window
49-10-15 Stranglehold
49-10-22 Smokeout
49-10-29 Green Witch
49-11-05 Fine Italian Hand
49-11-26 Birds On The Wing
49-12-03 The Kid On The Corner
49-12-10 Little Wishbone
49-12-31 House That Jacqueline Built
50-01-07 The Torch Carriers
50-01-14 The Covered Bridge
50-01-21 The Bid For Freedom
50-01-28 The Hairpin Turn
50-02-07 The Long Arm
50-02-14 The Grim Echo
50-02-21 The Ladies Night
50-02-28 The Big Step
50-03-07 The Monkey's Uncle
50-03-14 Vital Statistic
50-03-21 The Deep Shadow
50-03-28 The Sword Of Saybu
50-04-04 Man On The Roof
50-04-11 The Anniversary Gift
50-04-18 The Angry Eagle
50-04-25 The High Collared Cape
50-05-02 Seahorse Jockey
50-05-09 The Hiding Place
50-05-16 Cloak Of Kamehameha
50-05-23 The Fox's Tail
50-05-30 The Bedside Manners
50-06-06 The Uneasy Head
50-06-14 The Face To Forget
50-06-21 The Gold Cobra
50-06-28 The Pelicans Roost
50-07-05 The Girl From Pitchfork Corners
50-07-12 The Iron Coffin
50-07-19 The Last Wish
50-07-28 The Glass Donkey
50-08-04 The Parrots Bed
50-08-11 The Quiet Magpie
50-08-18 The Dark Tunnel
50-08-25 The Collectors Item
50-09-01 The Soft Spot
50-09-08 The Fifth Mask
50-09-15 The Final Payment
50-09-22 The White Carnation
50-09-29 The Big Book
51-07-07 Seaside Sabbatical
51-07-14 The Dear Dead Days
51-07-21 Life Can Be Murder
51-07-28 Good Neighbor Policy
51-08-04 The Long Way Home
51-08-18 The Young Mans Fancy
51-08-25 Heir For G String
51-09-01 Nether Nether Land
51-09-08 The Medium Was Rare
51-09-15 Sound And The Unsound
Raymond Thornton Chandler
BBC Saturday Night Theater Presents
The Maltese Falcon
Date shows were presented is unknown.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4