Film star Howard Duff played Sam Spade. Sam's loyal, dedicated secretary Effie Perrine was played by actress
Lurene Tuttle, who's character was sweetly naive that provided the perfect counterpoint to Howard Duff's sarcastic
Sam Spade. It was obvious Effie was in love with Sam from their exchanges at the beginning and end of each show.
John McIntire was Lt. Dundy and later William Conrad played Lt. Dundy

After its 13 weeks on ABC Radio, the show moved to CBS on September 29, 1946. It was very popular. It was a
Sunday night smash for three years. It switched over to NBC at the beginning of the 1949-50 season. Dashiell
Hammett became a target of the House Committee on Un-American Activties, and actor Howard Duff found himself
listed in Red Channels (a pamphlet listing the names of 151 writers, directors and performers who they claimed had
been members of subversive organizations before the Second World War but had not so far been blacklisted). The
show's sponsor said they would not continue with the series unless Dashiell Hammett's name was removed from
the credits. And they had problems with Howard Duff, also.

NBC yanked the show, but after receiving nearly 250,000 letters of protest continued the series a month or two later,
replacing Howard Duff with actor Steve Dunne. Steve Dunne was a good actor but he was certainly no Sam Spade.
The show came to a halt April 27, 1951
Lurene Tuttle and Howard Duff
The Adventures
Of Sam Spade
The List Of Shows
46-08-02 Sam And Psyche Or The Death Of Dr. Denhoff Caper
47-03-05 The Adam Fig Caper
47-06-08 The Calcutta Trunk Caper
47-06-15 The Convertible Caper
47-11-09 Bow Window Caper
48-01-04 The One Hour Caper
48-01-25 The Gold Key Caper
48-06-20 The Death Bed Caper
48-06-27 Bail Bond Caper
48-07-04 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
48-07-11 Wheel Of Life Caper
48-07-18 The Missing Newshawk Caper
48-07-25 Mad Scientist Caper
48-08-01 The Dry Martini Caper
48-08-08 The Bluebeard Caper
48-08-15 The Critical Author Caper
48-08-22 The Vaphio Cup Caper
48-08-29 The Lawless Caper
48-09-12 The Lazarus Caper
48-09-19 Death Bed Caper
48-09-26 Dick Foley Caper
48-10-03 The Sugar Kane Caper
48-10-24 The Insomnia Caper
48-10-31 Fairly Bright Caper
48-11-07 The SQP Caper
48-11-26 The Quarter Eagle Caper
48-12-12 Bouncing Betty Caper
49-01-16 The Betrayal Bumpas  And Hell Caper
49-03-27 The Love Letter Caper
49-04-10 Stopped Watch Caper
49-04-17 Subject Edith Hami Caper
49-05-01 The Battle Of Belvedere Caper
49-05-21 The Red Ampola Caper (Rehearsal)
49-05-28 Honest Thief Caper (Rehearsal)
49-06-05 The Overlord Caper
49-06-19 The Apple Of Eve Caper
49-07-10 The Queen Bee Cape
49-07-24 The Tears Of Night Caper
49-08-07 Champion Caper
49-08-28 The Prodigal Daughter Caper
49-11-06 Cheesecake Caper
49-12-04 The Flopsy Mopsy And Cottontail Caper
50-05-13 The Honest Thief Caper (rehearsal)
50-05-18 The Red Anapola Caper (rehearsal)
50-09-03 The Farmers Daughter Caper
Lurene Tuttle and Howard Duff
Dashiell Hammett
America's leading detective-fiction writer Dashiell Hammett and radio's outstanding producer-director of
mystery and crime drama William Spier had joined forces to present another weekly episode of
The Adventures of Sam Spade.
BBC Saturday Night Theater Presents The Maltese Falcon
First aired in 1984. Produced by Jane Morgan and starring Tom
Wilkinson as Sam Spade.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Tom Wilkinson