Eve Arden Star of  Suspense
On July 22, 1940, a CBS Summer series, Forecast, presented "The Lodger".  This series was an audition series, presenting possible future
series. This particular show was the audition for Suspense. Alfred Hitchcock introducing the program. Mr. Hitchcock also directed and
co-starred along with Herbert Marshall and Edmund Gwenn.

Suspense started as a summer series, presenting "The Burning Court" on June 17, 1942. A Mysterious "Man in Black" introduce the show,
played by Joseph Kearns or Ted Osborne.  After the summer run of 13 shows, ending September 30, the series started its first regular
season on October 27.  The series ran, with very few breaks, until its last show, "Devil Stone", on September 30, 1962. Suspense was the
last of the great radio drama series to leave the air.

Suspense drew from the talents of many talented directors.  William Spier directed in the early years.  He set up the ground rules that were
to make Suspense the series that many remember.  Within the first few minutes of a show, the tone of the show was established, usually
dealing with some life or death struggle.  Through the use of realistic sound effects and excellent characterization, the audience was
steadily drawn into the drama.  The suspense was kept right up to the very end of the show. The stories were always realistic, with
characters that the listening audience could identify with.  A characteristic of Spier's shows was that the villain rarely escaped his just reward.

Suspense became known as an actor's theater featuring such film stars as Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart,
Ronald Colman and Cary Grant. Even with the low wages of radio actors, big name actors willingly played on Suspense's stage of the imagination.

Other well-known directors were Anthony Ellis, Fred Hendricksen, Anton M. Leader, Elliot Lewis, Norman McDonnel, William N.
Robeson and Bruno Ziratto.

The program's heyday was in the early 1950s, when radio actor, producer and director Elliott Lewis took over. Here the material reached
new levels of sophistication. The writing was taut, and the casting, which had always been a strong point of the series. Lewis dramatized
"Othello" on Suspense, using Shakespeare's original dialog and casting himself in the lead role.  He cast his wife, Cathy, to play the part of
Desdemona and Richard Widmark to play the part of Yago.
Lurene Tuttle (left) and Rosalind
Russellin "The Sisters" on Suspense
in 1949.
Richard Widmark
Star of  Suspense
Peter Lorre
Star of  Suspense
Bernie Surrey and Agnes Moorehead performing
"Sorry Wrong Number".
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Forecast (Suspense) 40-07-22 The Lodger
42-06-17 The Burning Court
42-06-24 Wet Saturday
42-08-19 Cave Of Ali Baba
42-09-02 The Hitchhiker
42-09-16 The Kettler Method
42-09-23 A Passage to Beneris
42-09-30 One Hundred In The Dark
42-10-27 Lord Of The Witch Doctors
42-11-03 Devil In The Summer House
42-11-10 Will You Make A Bet With Death
42-11-17 Menace In Wax
42-11-24 The Body Snatchers
42-12-01 The Bride Vanishes
42-12-15 Til Death Do Us Part
42-12-22 Two Sharp Knives
43-01-05 Nothing Up My Sleeve
43-01-12 The Pit And Pendulum
43-01-19 The Devil's Saint
43-02-02 The Doctor Prescribed Death
43-02-16 In Fear And Trembling
43-03-16 Cabin B-13
43-03-23 The Customers Like Murder
43-03-30 The Dead Sleep Lightly
43-04-06 Fire Burn  And Cauldron Bubble
43-04-13 Fear Paints A Picture
43-04-20 Moment Of Darkness
43-04-27 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
43-05-04 Death Flies Blind
43-05-11 Mr. Markheim Antique Dealer
43-05-18 The ABC Murders
43-05-25 Sorry, Wrong Number
43-06-01 Banquos Chair
43-06-08 Five Canaries In The Room
43-06-15 Last Night
43-06-22 Man Without A Body
43-06-29 Uncle Henry's Rosebush
43-07-06 The White Rose Murders
43-07-20 Murder Goes For A Swim
43-07-27 Last Letter Of Doctor Bronson
43-08-03 Friend To Alexander
43-08-10 The Fountain Plays
43-08-21 Sorry Wrong Number
43-08-28  The King's Birthday
43-09-02 Singing Walls
43-09-09 Marry For Murder
43-09-16 The Cross-Eyed Bear
43-09-23 The Most Dangerous Game
43-10-07 Philomel Cottage
43-10-19 Lazarus Walks
43-10-26 After Dinner Story
43-11-02 Statement Of Employee Henry Wilson
43-11-09 Cabin B 13
43-11-16 Thieves Fall Out
43-11-23 The Strange Death Of Charles Umberstein
43-12-02 The Black Curtain
43-12-09 The Night Reveals
43-12-16 Wet Saturday
43-12-23 Back For Christmas
43-12-30 Finishing School
44-01-06 The One-Way Ride To Nowhere
44-01-13 Dime A Dance
Probably the most remembered Suspense play
was Sorry Wrong Number starring Agnes
Moorehead as the invalid Mrs. Elbert Stevenson.
It was such a realistic thriller that Agnes
Moorhead was known to collapse across the
table after reading the part. First heard on May
25, 1943, it was produced an additional seven
times, each time with Agnes Moorehead in the
lead role. There are 2 versions available of the
first performance, East Coast and West Coast
versions. The East Coast version contains a
mis-cue at the climax, which almost ruins the

The final broadcasts of Suspense and Yours
Truly, Johnny Dollar on September 30, 1962,
are often cited as the end of the Golden
Age of Radio. There were a total of 946 shows.
Lucille Fletcher
Author of Sorry Wrong Number