CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
E. G. Marshall:
Host For CBS Radio
Mystery Theatre
The CBS Radio Mystery Theater was an ambitious effort by veteran radio producer Hiram Brown to revive
interest in American radio drama. Every night from 1974 to 1982, host E.G. Marshall (later Tammy Grimes) ushered
listeners through a creaking door -- similar to the one Brown used on Inner Sanctum decades earlier. Brown
produced nearly 200 new episodes of Mystery Theater every year, using both original scripts and adaptations of
classic stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Mystery
Theater brought many veterans from radio's golden age back before the microphone, including
Agnes Moorehead, Richard Widmark, Celeste Holm, Mercedes McCambridge and Howard daSilva. The show also
featured performances from many up-and-coming stage and film actors, including Tony Roberts, John Lithgow,
Morgan Fairchild, Mandy Patinkin and Sarah Jessica Parker. After eight years and over 1,500 shows, the show
ended its run on December 30, 1982.

Actors were paid union scale at around $73.92 per show. Writers earned a flat rate of $350.00 per show. The
production took place with assembly-line precision. Brown would meet with actors at 9:00 AM for the first
reading of the script. He would then assign roles and recording would begin. By noon the recording of the
actors was complete and Brown handed everyone their checks. Post-production would take place in the afternoon.

In 1975, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater won the prestigious George A. Peabody Award, and in 1990 it was inducted
into the Radio Hall of Fame. In 1998, the still-active Brown attempted a brief revival of the series, rebroadcasting
selected old episodes
with his own introductions replacing Marshall's.
Tammy Grimes:
Second Host For
CBS Radio Mystery
Himan Brown at
work 1970's
Young Himan Brown
List Of Shows
Tammy Grimes and Himan Brown
in 1978
CBSRMT 74-04-01 The Black Cat
CBSRMT 74-04-02 The Pharaoh's Curse
CBSRMT 74-04-03 Die! You're On Magic Camera
CBSRMT 74-04-04 The Thing Inside
CBSRMT 74-04-08 The Locked Room
CBSRMT 74-04-09 The Murder Museum
CBSRMT 74-04-10 Out Of Focus
CBSRMT 74-04-11 Strange Company
CBSRMT 74-04-15 Only The Dead Remember
CBSRMT 74-04-16 Men Without Mouths
CBSRMT 74-04-17 The Horror Within
CBSRMT 74-04-18 A Portait Of Death
CBSRMT 74-04-22 The Wishing Stone
CBSRMT 74-04-23 The Ghost Driver
CBSRMT 74-04-24 The Hand
CBSRMT 74-04-25 Sunset To Sunrise
CBSRMT 74-04-29 All Living Things Must Die
CBSRMT 74-04-30 The Venus Dile
CBSRMT 74-05-01 The Death Bell
CBSRMT 74-05-02 Dracula
CBSRMT 74-05-06 Murder With Malice
CBSRMT 74-05-07 The Suicide Club
CBSRMT 74-05-08 The Breaking Point
CBSRMT 74-05-09 A Tiny Drop of Poison
CBSRMT 74-05-13 The Lodger
CBSRMT 74-01-06 The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill
CBSRMT 74-01-07 Return Of Moresby
CBSRMT 74-01-08 The Bullet
CBSRMT 74-01-09 Lost Dog
CBSRMT 74-01-10 No Hiding Place
CBSRMT 74-01-11 Honeymoon With Death
CBSRMT 74-01-12 I Warn You Three Times
CBSRMT 74-01-13 Cold Storage
CBSRMT 74-01-14 Death Rides A Stallion
CBSRMT 74-01-15 The Resident
CBSRMT 74-01-16 Accounts Receivable
CBSRMT 74-01-17 You Can Die Again
CBSRMT 74-01-18 A Ring Of Roses
CBSRMT 74-01-19 The Girl Who Found Things
CBSRMT 74-01-20 The Chinaman Button
CBSRMT 74-01-22 A Very Old Man
CBSRMT 74-01-23 And Nothing But The Truth
CBSRMT 74-01-25 Speak Of The Devil
CBSRMT 74-01-21 Dead For A Dollar
CBSRMT 74-01-24 Deadly Honeymoon
CBSRMT 74-01-26 The Ring Of Truth
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CBSRMT 74-01-27 Time And Again
CBSRMT 74-01-28 Three Women
CBSRMT 74-01-29 The Man Who Heard Voice
CBSRMT 74-01-30 Mother Love
CBSRMT 74-01-31 The Man Who Asked For Yesterday
CBSRMT 74-02-01 Dead Ringer
CBSRMT 74-02-02 A Ghostly Game Of Death
CBSRMT 74-05-14 Voices of Death
CBSRMT 74-05-15 The Forever Man
CBSRMT 74-05-16 The Trouble With Ruth
CBSRMT 74-05-20 The Crack In The Wall
CBSRMT 74-05-21 The Longest Knife
CBSRMT 74-05-23 The Bleeding Statue
CBSRMT 74-05-27 Mirror for Murder
CBSRMT 74-05-29 The Phantom Lullaby
CBSRMT 74-05-30 Dressed To Kill
CBSRMT 74-02-03 The Sign Of The Beast
CBSRMT 74-02-04 Here Goes The Bride
CBSRMT 74-02-05 The Lady Was A Tiger
CBSRMT 74-02-06 After The Verdict
CBSRMT 74-02-08 Conspiracy To Defraud
CBSRMT 74-02-09 The Deadly Hour
CBSRMT 74-02-10 Dead Man's Mountain
CBSRMT 74-02-12 A Dream Of Death
CBSRMT 74-02-13 Dig Me Deadly
CBSRMT 74-02-14 Under Grave Suspicion
CBSRMT 74-02-16 A Lady Never Loses Her Head
CBSRMT 74-02-17 The Walking Corpse
CBSRMT 74-02-18 Blizzard of Terror
CBSRMT 74-02-19 Sea Fever
CBSRMT 74-02-21 The Walls Of Jericho
CBSRMT 74-02-22 The Horla
CBSRMT 74-02-24 The Horse That Wasn't For Sale
CBSRMT 74-02-26 The Edge Of Death
CBSRMT 74-02-28 A Choice Of Witnesses
CBSRMT 74-03-02 Out Of Sight
CBSRMT 74-03-03 Prognosis Negative
CBSRMT 74-03-04 This Will Kill You
CBSRMT 74-03-05 A Long Time To Die
CBSRMT 74-03-06 The Sending
CBSRMT 74-03-07 The Creature From The Swamp
CBSRMT 74-03-09 A Long Time To Die
CBSRMT 74-03-11 The Thing In The Cave
CBSRMT 74-03-12 A Sacrifice In Blood
CBSRMT 74-03-13 A Little Night Murder
CBSRMT 74-03-14 Fall Of The House Of Usher
CBSRMT 74-03-18 Sea Of Trouble
CBSRMT 74-03-19 Frankenstein Revisted
CBSRMT 74-03-20 The Ghost at the Gate
CBSRMT 74-03-21 Ordeal By Fire
CBSRMT 74-03-25 Diary Of A Madman
CBSRMT 74-03-26 Death By Whose Hand
CBSRMT 74-03-27 It's Simply Murder
CBSRMT 74-03-28 The Unearthly Gift
CBSRMT 74-06-03 To Kill With Confidence
CBSRMT 74-06-04 An  Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
CBSRMT 74-06-06 Deadly Darling Delores
CBSRMT 74-06-10 A Bargain In Blood
CBSRMT 74-06-12 The Rat
CBSRMT 74-06-13 The House Of The Seven Gables
CBSRMT 74-06-17 Three Times Dead
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