List Of Shows
The CBC Mystery Project
The Mystery Project was produced by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio. It aired
every Saturday night on CBC Radio One, and was repeated the following Mondays on
The Roundup, also on Radio One. CBC Radio produces more than 150 hours of original radio
drama each year, and they do far more than just mysteries. They are produced in regional
centres across the country and in the network studios in Toronto. Their mandate is to, hopefully
"reflect the national fabric of Canada and beyond."

The series ran from 1992 until 2002. Each week, casual listeners got to puzzle through a fully
dramatized radio-play with a resolved plot, while regular listeners had the added fun of following
familiar characters' further adventures. The series was created by the Executive Producer, Bill
Howell. Barry Morgan was the co-ordinating producer with Host Bob Boving.
Midnight Cab
House Detective Becker
Peggy Delaney
The Investigations of Quentin Nickles
The Old Guy
Bailey's Way
Clean Sweep
Sherlock Holmes
Miscellaneous (single or short stories)
Note:  There is some language and  mature content. About a PG rating