Simon Templar, AKA "The Saint" was not a Saint, in fact; the name was the underworld's nickname for this detective,
who often did a little bad to get the goods on his criminal of choice. "The Saint" is a person who enjoys a sociable and
luxurious lifestyle who savors detection as an art form. He's nothing like his American hard-boiled detectives-in-arms
such as Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe, although closer in spirit is The Fat Man, and closer still, Nero Wolfe. The
Chinese-English crime novelist Leslie Charteris wrote over a hundred "Saint" adventures. When in 1947
"The Saint"
was developed for radio, the first choice was Tom Conway. Vincent Price went on to give the radio public an astounding
performances. "The Saint's" crime fighting is sophisticated. He's usually sharp enough to stick to slinging witty words like
arrows, since he's the "Robin Hood of Modern Crime". Lawrence Dobkin is "Louie," the (Brooklyn) Cab Driver, who keeps
"The Saint" streetwise while getting him across town. A congenial cast of characters is always on hand, thanks to the witty
scripts. It's the singular sound and style of Mr. Vincent Price that gives "The Adventures Of The Saint" a halo.
Leslie Charteris once said "I've been a writer
all my life and I created the Saint 'stickman'
when I was about nine. I produced a
magazine, writing everything in it - about
four typed pages. It had everything,
including a comic strip; but since I am no
artist, all the characters were stick figures.
How do you make a stick man into a Saint?
You simply put a halo over his head!"
List Of Shows
Lawrence Dobkin
47-10-15 Gangster District Attorney
47-10-29 Greed Causes Murder
48-05-26 The Case Of The Blond Who Lost Her Head
49-07-31 Conley Silver Mine
49-08-14 Old Man's Car
49-09-18 The Color Blind Killer
49-11-06 The Case Of The Unhappy Homicide
49-11-13 Fake Amnesia Killer
50-01-08 The Cake That Killed
50-06-11 The Sinister Sneeze
50-06-18 The Music Murder
50-07-02 Search For A Killer
50-07-09 The Peculiar Payoff
50-07-16 Death Of The Saint
50-07-23 Fighters Contract
50-07-30 Author Of Murder
50-08-06 Corpse Said Ouch
50-09-03 Baseball Murder
50-09-17 The Ghost That Giggled
50-09-24 Dossier On A Doggo
50-10-29 Wanted A Husband
50-11-12 Return Of Harry Morgan
50-11-19 Plot In Prison
50-11-26 The Terrible Tintype
50-12-03 The Young Detective
50-12-10 The Monkey
50-12-17 The Fight
50-12-24 Christmas Problems
51-01-14 The Aging Actor
51-01-21 The Tuba
51-02-04 The Carnival
51-02-11 The Missing Bridegroom
51-02-18 Noon Deadline
51-02-25 The Amnesia Victim
51-03-04 The Furniture Move
51-03-11 The Shipboard Mystery
51-03-18 The Bookstore Murder
51-03-25 Intruder
51-04-01 The College Campus Threat
51-04-08 Hawthorne House Mystery
51-04-15 The Strange Bedfellows
51-04-22 The Missing Gun
51-04-29 Fishes Gotta Eat
51-05-20 Pin the Roses on My Corpse
Leslie Charteris