The Six Shooter
"The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged. His skin is
sun-dyed brown. The gun in his holster is gray steel and rainbow
mother-of-pearl, its handle, unmarked. People called them both, The

Septtember 20, 1953 to June 25, 1954 staring James Stewart, as Britt
Ponset, a man with a reputation for having a fast gun. James Stewart
portraits a character very different from a hard, tough-talking gunslinger. In
this series, the hero is a slow talking, thinking man who doesn't reach for his
gun first and ask questions later. He's ready with his gun, but first looks for
alternatives to violence. The first appearance of Britt Ponset as the Six
Shooter was as a Western drama for the Hollywood Star Playhouse on
April 13, 1952. The show was titled "The Six-Shooter" and Jimmy Stewart
played the lead and with William Conrad as a sheriff. The same script was
used for the audition of The Six-Shooter series, again with James Stewart
as Britt. The script used for the Hollywood Star Playhouse drama and the
audition was used again, with a slightly different opening, on Nov. 1,1953,
for the seventh show in the series. Jack Johnstone was the producer and
director. The writer for the entire series was Frank Burt.
This show is one of my favorite.
List Of Shows
53-07-15 Audition Show
53-09-20 Jenny
53-09-27 The Coward
53-10-04 The Stampede
53-10-11 Silver Annie
53-10-18 Rink Larkin
53-10-25 Red Lawsons Revenge
53-11-01 Ben Scofield
53-11-08 Capture Of Stacy Gault
53-11-15 Escape From Smoke Falls
53-11-22 Gabriel Starbuck
53-11-29 Sheriff Billy
53-12-06 A Pressing Engagement
53-12-13 More Than Kin
53-12-20 Britt Ponsets Christmas Carol
53-12-27 Cora Plummer Quincy
54-01-03 A Friend In Need
54-01-10 Hirams Goldstrike
54-01-17 The Silver Buckle
54-01-24 Helen Bricker
54-01-31 Trail To Sunset
54-02-07 Apron Faced Sorrel
54-02-14 Quiet City
54-02-21 Battle At Tower Rock
54-03-07 Cheyenne Express
54-03-14 Thicker Than Water
54-03-21 Duel At Lockwood
54-04-01 Marring Off Aunt Em
54-04-08 The Widows Secret
54-04-15 Crises At Easter Creek
54-04-22 Tracking Down A Killer
54-04-29 Revenge Harness Creek
54-05-06 Anna Norquest
54-05-13 The Double Seven
54-05-20 The Shooting Of Wyatt Kin
54-05-27 Blood Relations
54-06-03 Silver Threads
54-06-10 The New Sheriff
54-06-17 When The Shoe Doesn't Fit
54-06-24 Myra Barker
Hollywood Star Playhouse 52-04-13
The Six Shooter