Voyage of the Scarlet Queen was a short lived radio adventure on the high seas, airing on Mutual from 3 July 1947
to 14 February 1948. There were 34 episodes broadcast in this series. The producer for the entire series was
James Burton. Writers were Gil Doud and Robert Tallman. Sound effects were done by Ray Kemper, Bill James
and Tom Hanley. The musical score was by Richard Aurandt.
Elliott Lewis starred as Philip Carney, master of the
78-foot ketch Scarlet Queen, with Edwin Max as first mate Red Gallagher. Using the acting skills of
William Conrad,
Ben Wright and John Dehner,
Jeff Chandler, Verna Felton, Bill Johnstone, Jack Kruschen, Cathy Lewis and Roddy

The show seems to foreshadow Star Trek in a number of ways. Each episode opens with an entry from the ship's
log: "Log entry, the ketch Scarlet Queen, Philip Carney, master. Position -- three degrees, seven minutes north,
104 degrees, two minutes east. Wind, fresh to moderate; sky, fair..." with a similar closing: "Ship secured for the
night. Signed, Philip Carney, master." Arriving at an exotic port of call, the captain and first mate would go ashore
and immediately run into trouble with local authorities, agents of rival merchants, or desperate women  in need of
rescue. After some investigation and at least one good fight they would solve the problem, get back on the ship and
sail away, Carney and Gallagher sharing a laugh and a drink at the wheel before the captain's closing log entry.

The voyage starts in San Francisco and the Scarlet Queen travels westward in the Pacific. The first episode is from
San Francisco to Honolulu. The shows track the voyage from port to port. The action of one episode can carry over
into the next episode, but the series should not be considered a serial. Each show is a complete 30-minute adventure.

Technically the show was among the better radio productions of the time, listen closely, employing realistic sound
effects and sailing terminology, well paced stories and colorfully detailed settings, that really helps transport the
listener to exotic Pacific locations. Each episode was renowned for its sound effects of the swishing sounds of the
sea, the lookout's cry from the crow's nest and the creaks and groans of the ship. Most places visited by the
Queen are real. Even the map coordinates given by the captain are mostly accurate, following a zigzag course
around the South Pacific.

An audition for a revival attempt under a new title, "
Log Of The Black Parrot" was made on May 6, 1950, again
starring Elliot Lewis and Edwin Max. No series resulted.
Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen
The List of Shows
47-02-02 (Audition) The Death Of David Malone
47-07-03 The Shanghi Secret
47-07-10 Report From The White Jade Buddah
47-07-17 The Spaniard And The Lasker Pirates
47-07-24 The Boston Geisha And Chessapeke Bay
47-07-31 Lilly And The Chimpalo Bar
47-08-07 White Cargo Act And The Ha Sin
47-08-21 The Story Of The Eight Historic Periods
47-08-28 The Barefoot Nymph And The Mother Hubbard Jacket
47-09-11 Jewel Thieves And The Straw Filled Dummy
47-09-18 Courtship Of Anna Mae LaMour
47-09-25 Shore Leave And The Unhappy Wife
47-10-02 A Fat Trader And The Sword Of Apokazhan
47-10-09 Tatooed Beaver And Baby Food For Pari Pari
47-10-16 Ha Sin And The Balinese Bosart Ball
47-10-23 Grafters Port And The Black Pear Of Galela Bay
47-10-30 The Lonely Sultan Of Isabela de Basilan
47-11-06 Kang's Treasure And The Ghost Of Tangolan
47-11-13 Beautiful Girl In The Bargain Basement
47-11-20 Huntsmans Query And The Dead Chinese
47-12-03 Green Tourist And The Temple Bell
47-12-10 The Wandering Master And The Warlord At Rest
47-12-17 Red Beard And The Bag Of Pearls
47-12-24 The 15Th Llama And The Wise Guy From The East
47-12-31 Hattie Mccormack And The Patient Stowaway
48-01-07 The Derlict And The Wandering Boy
48-01-14 Fang Rubies And The Black Siamese
48-01-21 The Ambitious Hostess On South Ridge Road
48-01-28 The Bubble Dancer And The Buccaneer
48-02-04 Peg Legged Skipper And The Iberian Blade
48-02-11 Rocky III And The Deadmans Chest
48-02-18 Queen Anne Pistols and Dealer On King George Road
48-02-25 Winchester Rifle And The Ambitious Groom
Elliott Lewis